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Most businesses neither understand nor know how WordPress can benefit their businesses. WordPress is not just free or easy to use, but also gives you the liberty to do anything you want with it. Many wordpress developer resources such as tutorials, e-books, videos and guides are available to assist you in growing and maintaining your business website.

WordPress powers some of the world’s biggest brand websites such as Microsoft, MTV, Facebook News, Vogue, and TechCrunch. Some successful startups using WordPress include Candy Kittens, Primary Pantry, Litmos Heroes, Kokoon and Pip and Nut.

Here Are 11 Reasons WordPress is Better for Your Business

Wordpress Cupcakes

  1. WordPress is free

  2. Has free, innovative themes and frameworks

  3. WordPress is easy to use

  4. You can manage your business website from any computer

  5. No editing of HTML or use of FTP software is required

  6. Search engines are more familiar with sites using WordPress

  7. You will have control of your website

  8. Once a blog is built, it is ready to go

  9. Plugins can be used to increase the functionality of your business website

  10. Your website grows with your business

  11. It has many users

laptop with wordpress in the screen and coffee mug on wood table

Although some people, especially newbies are not familiar with the term wordpress, it’s a popular CMS system in the online world. It allows business owners to alter or edit how their business websites look without necessarily having to use a code.

A content management system is a software designed to enable editing, organizing, creating and publishing content on the web. WordPress is mostly used for publishing websites and managing content in a single computer or on an intranet.

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