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You're right – a thousand percent is a big number - but that claim won't seem unreasonable when you understand that there really are just three ways to grow any business, and grasp just how easily Humble Fox Media can show you how to implement each of the three.


Obviously, if you could get more customers, your business would grow.  Well good news, because we can absolutely show you the football-phone secret a magazine giant used to sell millions of magazines to millions of brand new customers.  Imagine if you used the same technique to find three times as many customers as you presently have. You'd grow your business by a cool three hundred percent.


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And what if you could get all those new customers to spend more money with you?  Yeah, and what if you could sprout wings and fly? Well that's not gonna happen.  But Humble Fox Mediar can, without fail, show you the Starbucks secret to getting at least three times more money out of average customers.  Marinate on that for a minute: If you could get just three times more from all  those new customers of yours, you'd grow your business by nine hundred percent.


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And then, if you could simply get your profit-maximized customers to buy more often, you'd really be in high-cotton.  Literally.  Money's mostly cotton, and you'll be swimming in it when we teach you Amazon's secret for locking in customer loyalty. Do the math – get those new, free-spending customers to buy from you three times as often, and you'd grow your enterprise by twenty seven hundred percent.


And, yes, that's a really big number.  Maybe hard to believe.  But noodle on this: if you do just a passable job at getting more customers, maximize the profit from each, and get them to buy more often, that thousand percent growth number seems pretty attainable.  And doubling your sales – almost sure-fire.


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