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Small Business Branding That Works

No matter how great your marketing strategy is, without proper branding, your small business will fail even before it’s started. There’s no doubt about this. But then, branding isn’t just about having a beautiful logo and a creative tagline that is used on all products and business material, as most small business owners think. Branding your business involves much more than that.

Of course, branding includes your logo, taglines, brand colors, product packaging design, and more. However, professional branding utilizes all of these to create a positive connection with your prospects when they engage with your business. Branding, when done right, will give you an edge over your competitors, help establish trust with prospects, and thereby increase sales.

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Hire Professional Branding Services

Branding your business may seem like it’s not really a big deal, and you can try to do it yourself. You could decide to design a logo using a random template you found online, and choose your favorite color for your business. However, is the logo appropriate for your business? Do you know the best color combinations for your brand? How about how to design your website to convert more prospects?

You have less than 12 seconds to impress prospects and make them form a good opinion of your brand. Hence, your branding must compel your prospects to choose your business, instead of any of your competition. The easiest and fastest way to get it right is by hiring a reputable digital agency like Humble Fox Media to brand your business professionally.

Humble Fox Media can help you hit the right mark with your branding and attract more paying customers. We can handle all your branding needs, from developing an effective brand strategy to creating outstanding designs that will make your prospects love and trust your brand. Our branding services include; font styling, logo and web design, packaging and marketing material design, brand name and tagline creation, and more.



Get To Know Your Business.

First, we would get to know your business by collecting relevant information using our branding questionnaire. In the questionnaire, you’ll provide us with details about your business goals, colors, ideas, your target customers, and your competitors.


Prepare The First Draft.

Using the information collected with the questionnaire, we will start crafting a brand that you and your customers will love. During the process, we will be in touch with you to ensure that we get it right. This first draft will be completed within the timeline agreed upon at the beginning of the project.


Make Requested Edits.

Although most times, we usually meet the expectations of our clients on the first draft; sometimes, it takes a round or two of editing. If you find that the first draft does not completely meet your vision, we will make all requested editing to satisfy your needs.


Deliver Professional Branding.

When you’re satisfied with the first draft or edits, we will send you the final files for your business branding. Depending on your branding needs, we will send you different formats, sizes, and colors. For instance, if we created a logo and tagline for your business, we will send them in your brand colors as well as in black and white.

Why Choose Humble Fox Media For Your Small Business Branding Needs

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Humble Fox Media is a reputable agency with professional expertise and years of experience helping numerous small businesses build a captivating brand. Our team of digital marketers are experienced brand experts who do much more than designing a great logo and helping you find the right brand colors for your business.

We go a step further to create a comprehensive brand strategy for your business and craft every creative for your business branding. We will package your business brand to grab the attention of prospects and convert them to loyal customers.

Let us brand your business to appeal to your prospects and convert them into paying customers. Whatever your branding need, you can talk to us about them. Just call us on (253) 470-6820 or click the button below to schedule a free consultation with one of our branding experts.