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Humble Fox Media is a creative marketing agency offering a full range of services. Whether you need graphic design services, business video production, or promotional flyers, we provide creative solutions for our customers to increase the awareness of your brand.

Graphic Design Service

From customizing menus to creating logos, our graphic design services can handle projects both small and large. In all projects, our team will customize a campaign refines your message, fits your budget, and delivers content that your target audience will love.

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Business Videos

Videos are a great option for businesses to expand their reach. Whether as a product feature, a commercial for YouTube, or a how-to-video, Humble Fox Media can produce high-quality professional business videos to match your brand. We also provide short animated clips designed for social media to increase your overall recognition and awareness. We write all original scripts catered to the audience of your specific business. From start to finish, we will complete your video using our advanced equipment, resulting in high-quality work of which we are p r o u d.

Promotional Flyers

Some businesses wish to reach their customers through traditional mediums. In addition to digital marketing, Humble Fox Media is pleased to offer traditional print communications. We create promotional flyers which can put your message physically into the hands of your potential customers. By working closely with our graphic designers, Humble Fox Media can deliver various unique and outstanding print media for your business, including posters, flyers, business cards, brochures, banners, billboards and more. Our graphics department will work with your business to take you from concept to completion.

Whatever your vision, call the team at Humble Fox Media to get you there.

We Can Help Your Business Grow


Meant to communicate more than just a name, your logo is a key element in the full branding strategy.

Design Consultations

Maybe you're not sure where to start, or you've got some loose ends to piece together. We're here to help.

Social Branding Setup

We deliver correct dimensions for any social media platform, with a cohesive design, all in a tidy package for you.

Promotional Materials

Print media can go a long way in ensuring the delivery of your message into the hands of your potential customers.

Business Cards

For you, your team, or your business itself, everyone needs a card in order to turn a lead into a sale or partnership.

Promotional Videos

With short animated clips for social media or website placement, we give your company the boost it needs.

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