$120,000 in new revenue in 6 months

Lead Generating Web Design SEO & WordPress Hosting

Unison Chiropractic already had a successful practice in Gig Harbor, WA, But they wanted to generate revenue from new leads that were searching for their services in Google. The challenge was getting them to rank on the top pages of Google for different keywords.


Site Development

We created a WordPress website with a clean and vibrant aesthetic. It also includes relevant information about the chiropractic office and the team. In addition, we created call to actions throughout the site and specific forms to gather information from visitors.


Technical Strategy

When we first sat down with Dr Ahn and his marketing Director, Frank. We discovered that it was going to be a challenge to rank them on the top pages of Google with an outdated website, and the right keywords. We decided to create a modern and mobile ready website that would be available when patients searched for their brand and also relevant keywords in their city.


SEO Growth & WordPress Hosting

We focused on Search Engine Optimization for 6 months and included the website in our private, fast and secure WordPress specific hosting for businesses.

The site generated new patients and outstanding revenue.

Challenges and Our Solution

We had the challenge of bringing a site that was not ranking for specific keywords relevant to their business, but we knew that by focusing on the Profit Burst Journey specifically for local chiropractors in Gig Harbor, WA, we'd be able to have a higher average customer lifetime value and do well with SEO.

Results from Our Efforts

conversion rate


Return On Investment

We focused first on SEO so we researched the keywords that we knew were going bring in traffic to the website. We were able to achieve an average return of investment of $118,230 over a 6 month period.

• $118,230 Return on Investment
• 96% Conversion Rate
• $120,000 Average Revenue from FREE SEO TRAFFIC

When we started the site had no rankings and no new clients from the online community.

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