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Whether you are selling quality products or offering unique services, your website is the online equivalent of your business premises. A business website helps establish your business’s online presence and offer several benefits. These benefits include reaching and engaging more prospects, increasing sales, revenue, building your reputation as an expert in your niche, and more.

However, despite these apparent benefits, not all small businesses have a website. And most of the businesses that have one, do not have a modern website design that has been optimized to convert prospects. If you don’t have a business website or your website is outdated, you should have a website designed or redesigned for your business to enjoy these benefits

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Our Web Design Services help your business grow by implementing the following:

Deliver a website experience your visitors will love:

There are numerous digital marketing agencies offering website design services. However, unlike other agencies, we will take the time to understand your business and then design a website that fits right into your branding. At Humble Fox Media, our professional web designers are highly trained and capable of designing attractive websites, for small businesses, that will grab and hold the attention of prospects, and boost conversion rates.

Make your website responsive:

In addition to creating an attractive website design, we will ensure that your website is mobile responsive and structured properly. Mobile responsiveness enables your website to be accessible and user-friendly on all screens, including mobile phones and tablets. This is important because the majority of your target audience are likely to access your website on a mobile device.

Deliver an awesome user-experience:

On the other hand, proper website structuring allows your website visitors to navigate through your website and engage your business without any hassle. If it is too difficult for your users to get what they need, you will have high bounce rates and low conversions. We will make your website user-friendly by organizing your site’s menu structure, and adding Call to Actions throughout your website. This will make life easier for your visitors to find what they are searching.

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Our Web Design Process

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#1: Tell us your design preferences

We’ll provide you with our web design questionnaire to fill in necessary details that will help us to build a website that will exceed your expectation. We’ll need information such as your business objectives, brand colors, website design preferences, and more.

#2: Setup the basics

The basics for designing a website include the domain name and hosting. If you don’t have any of this, we will guide you on how to get the best domain name and hosting for your website. Then we will request access to your domain hosting, to start designing your website. We also partnered with WP Engine to bring the best hosting to our clients.

#3: Develop a rough draft of your website

In about 20-25 days, we should have a rough draft of your website complete. Upon completion, we will submit the rough draft to you to revise. We will give you an opportunity to review the draft and develop a list of edits. Once received, we will make the changes and complete your website design.

#4: Launch the live version of your website

Once you approve the website design, we will launch the live version of it. We will move it from the temporary location and place the website on your primary domain. Now, you can reap the benefits of a new website and enjoy a better user experience!

#5: Maintain the website

Some of our clients have the time and general knowledge to maintain their website. Some of them do not. We offer website maintenance plans to assist you with routine updates and security of your website. Whether you need us on an “as needed” or monthly basis, we will be here to support you.

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Beyond having a website, the way your website is designed can determine whether a prospect will do business with you or not. A poorly designed website will reflect negatively on your business and decrease your brand’s credibility. Hence, your business website should be designed professionally to earn your prospects’ trust and convert them to loyal customers. Humble Fox Media has professional website designers, who can help you build a modern and attractive website for your business. We can provide you with a quality website design that will represent your business accurately, allow your visitors to engage your business easily, and convert prospects to customers quickly.

Let’s get started on your website immediately. Just fill the contact form below or call us on (253) 470-6820 to discuss your needs with our web design experts.

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Fast turnaround

Get your website fast. In most cases, we turnaround websites in 30 days or less. Our Gig Harbor Washington based web design team will have you online in no time.


Save money

Don’t let others over-charge you for your website. We’ll help you stay within your budget and design an even better website.


Your marketing depends on it

We build our websites with a marketing perspective and start with your end goal in mind – conversions. Once your website is optimized for conversions, our advertising services are more likely to be the next step in your sales journey.

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